The Berkeley 1930s Art Deco mantel

We make Fireplaces from 1920s Art Deco fireplaces and classic Edwardian fireplace and mantel designs.
This mantel is a distinctively Deco example of the sort that were almost always installed in the more Art Deco homes of the 20s and 30s. The original early 1930s Art Deco fireplace mantel from which this is copied was originally fitted in a very Art Deco home in South London. The mantel has a high Art Deco star-burst fan radiating from a central block. It has an unusual double shelf, which steps back to the legs of the mantel. The block feet are topped by radiating fans ascending to the top of the opening. The suburbs that sprang up around all our major cities during the sustained period of home building in the inter-war years were varied in their architectural styles but people living in them tended to choose their own fireplaces in the same way as people in private homes choose them today. A very Modernist mantel such as this could easily be found in a more Edwardian derived property, or an architecturally backward-looking "Tudor-bethan" Villa. It really just depended on the tastes of the owners of the home. In its time this mantel would have just been seen as Modern. The term Art Deco only coming into use in the 1960s. The original mantel from which the design is taken was made in mahogany, but commonly we have remade it in European oak. It is a safe bet to say that European (or North American) oak is coming from a properly managed woodland, which unfortunately is still not the case with Mahogany.
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£1 125.00
£1 125.00

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All the wooden mantels in this section are hand-made to order. The standard sizes above can be changed to suit your particular needs, often at no additional cost.
Woods can be stained to a range of colours. We offer Oak in three standard finishes, Light, medium and dark oak stains for instance. We can also finish any mantel to match a sample, again at no additional cost.
We list prices for this mantel in a range of different woods. Wood types other than those listed can be used to make any of these mantels. Just ask for a price .

Vertical Tabs


60.00 inches

Overall Width

51.50 inches

Body Width

51.50 inches

Opening Height

39.50 inches

Opening Width

39.00 inches

Overall Depth

6.00 inches


2.50 inches

Central Shelf Width

43.00 inches