The Mulliner Arts and Crafts mantel

We make Fireplaces from 1920s Art Deco fireplaces and classic Edwardian fireplace and mantel designs.
The Mulliner is a substantial Edwardian mantel, with its long and tapering square columns, very much in an Arts and Crafts style. It features three inlaid panels, with a mirror in the central one and two oak veneered marquetry panels on either side of this. The Art Nouveau detailing in the marquetry inlaid panels gives the whole mantel a much softer edge. It is a close reproduction of an original mantel that was dated around 1910. This mantel is only really available in oak, although this can be stained to any shade. We only initially offer it in oak because the marquetry panels we have chosen to make with an oak veneer background, and the panels are produced in batches for us by a small welsh company. The detail in the Art Nouveau panels is shown here in boxwood, but in the newest batch, we have had the detailing done in light and dark mahogany, with mother-of- pearl. In order to make it stand out a bit more clearly from the oak background. The central shaped mirror is bevelled. This mantel would have almost certainly had either a fully tiled insert with it, or perhaps a copper inert with a hood. The fireplace hearths were almost universally tiled by 1910, typically in small oblong tiles, laid cross-bonded like brickwork. Fenders were commonly used to hide the transition between the hearth and the wooden flooring and also to stop any loose coals getting onto the floor.
£1 990.00

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All the wooden mantels in this section are hand-made to order. The standard sizes above can be changed to suit your particular needs, often at no additional cost.
Woods can be stained to a range of colours. We offer Oak in three standard finishes, Light, medium and dark oak stains for instance. We can also finish any mantel to match a sample, again at no additional cost.

Vertical Tabs


71.00 inches

Body Width

54.00 inches

Opening Height

38.50 inches

Opening Width

40.00 inches

Overall Depth

9.00 inches

Central Shelf Width

43.00 inches