The Devon Fondue fireback - No Longer Available

We make Fireplaces from 1920s Art Deco fireplaces and classic Edwardian fireplace and mantel designs.
No Longer Available - see our new Ruby fire base These firebacks are unique now in that they are specifically made for burning logs rather than coal. They are available for either 16 inch or 18 inch wide fireplace openings Larger versions are available on request (Call 0161 429 9042) They do not need a grate or firefront . Logs hold their shape well as they burn, and the air can get to them without the need for a raised grate. The dish in the Devon base is to help contain the ash, and to aid lighting.
for the two parts of the fireback, the base and the fire back itself.
The Devon Fondue fireback
The Devon Fondue fireback side view
The Devon Fondue fireback