Damper flap for 16/17 inch fireback

We make Fireplaces from 1920s Art Deco fireplaces and classic Edwardian fireplace and mantel designs.
Gas damper flap to suit CB2 CELTIC, LYTTON, HENLEY, JUBILEE, PEMBROKE, GLOUCESTER, ETC CB25" item code 1800028 Solid fuel damper flap to suit LYT/CRO/RAD/JUB/HEN/FALK/CB25 item code: 1800029 Can be used with Cast Iron Fireback for a 16 or 17 inch arched insert. Please specify if you want a Gas damper flap or a Solid fuel damper flap when ordering, they are both the same price. Collection from our factory in Stockport is welcome. Postage and Packing to mainland UK, not NI or remote areas, is £16. The dampening effect of a fireplace damper is to control the flow of hot air, smoke and gases from a fire in a fireplace or stove into a chimney or flue and the flow of air down into a fireplace or stove from a chimney or flue. A fireplace damper is a device that can be manually opened or closed with the purpose of allowing gases to be vented from a building when open, but to also prevent air from escaping the building when a fireplace isn’t being used. An open damper can cause a draft within the chimney and heat loss from a home, and so a closed damper helps to keep in warm air during the winter, and cooler air during the summer
Damper flap - Solid fuel and Gas damper flaps available