1930s bowed frieze mahogany mantel

We make Fireplaces from 1920s Art Deco fireplaces and classic Edwardian fireplace and mantel designs.
An impressive Art Deco fire surround in flame mahogany with rectangular ebonised stringing details. The caddy style top of the mantel is gently bowed across most of the mantel width. At either end of the mantel top is a concave curve that continues all the way down the legs where chamfered foot blocks follow the profile. Each curved panel has ebonised stringing features filled with fiddle back mahogany as a contrast to the broader expanses of flame pattern. This surround is ideally suited to a recessed fireplace insert such as the Palmer because of it's massive 6 inch rebate.

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56.00 inches

Body Width

63.00 inches

Overall Width

65.00 inches

Overall Depth

9.00 inches

Opening Height

42.00 inches

Opening Width

43.50 inches


6.00 inches
1930s Bowed Frieze Mahogany Mantel with Ebony Stringing
1930s Bowed Frieze Mahogany Mantel high angle
1930s Bowed Frieze Mahogany Mantel detail
1930s Bowed Frieze Mahogany Mantel footblock
1930s Bowed Frieze Mahogany Mantel frieze