6 x 3 inch kerb tile (REO)

We make Fireplaces from 1920s Art Deco fireplaces and classic Edwardian fireplace and mantel designs.

his 6 inch x 3 inch tile with Rounded Edges on the Opposite long sides (REO) is used for making kerbs on fireplace hearths.

It came into common use in the early 20th Century and featured heavily in many Art Deco and Arts and Crafts fireplace designs for about 40 years after that.

This tile, along with the 3 x 3 inch REXr, can also be used to generate more interesting three dimensional shapes on the body of the fireplaces themselves and in a stand alone fender.

Size 6 inches x 3 inches (152 mm x 76 mm) +/- 2mm

6 x 3 inch kerb tile (REO)