6 x 3 inch glazed tile PLN

We make Fireplaces from 1920s Art Deco fireplaces and classic Edwardian fireplace and mantel designs.

This size of tile came into common use during the edwardian period and was mainly used in hearths and fenders.

Tiled fireplaces in the 1950s, 1960s and into the 1970s used this tile extensively.

Tiles that are exactly half as wide as long are more amenable to making interesting patterns, without much cutting of the tiles.

This probably contributed to the longevity of this size of tile which is still mass produced today in the home of the tile industry, Stoke upon Trent.

This size of tile has also been popular for many years as a wall tile, especially in areas that are likely to get a lot of wear or damage such as kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.

Size 6 inches x 3 inches (152 mm x 76 mm) +/- 2mm

6 x 3 inch plain glazed tile