Adelphi asymmetrical fireplace

We make Fireplaces from 1920s Art Deco fireplaces and classic Edwardian fireplace and mantel designs.

The original fireplace from which this design was taken was removed from a 1925 property in the North East of England. It's neat asymmetrical design in the "Style Moderne" is a classic domestic example of what we now call Art Deco.

The low round topped body of the asymmetrical fireplace has a central shelf cut into it with stick tile detail under it . This tile detail is usually contrasting tiles in an inverted stepped pyramid.

The block at one side of the fireplace forms a nice counterpoint to the somewhat retro hob on the opposite side, which is more commonly a feature of much earlier fireplaces.
Kerbed hearths are typical of tiled fireplaces from the 1920s but this asymmetric fireplace hearth design makes it stylish and distinctive .

The fireplace shelf and the flowing lines of the fireplace make it slightly harder to adapt than some of our other fireplaces but the dimensions can be varied. Increasing the height means that the other fireplace dimensions must be altered in proportion.

Almost all the examples of this fireplace that we have produced for customers have been made using our mottled "500" 4 inch tile as the main fireplace body colour but this is no longer available. Stockwell Grey and Ivory are the two favoured background colours now.

Plain Tiles
£2 820.00
Plain Tiles

included and extra items

The sizes given are for those fireplaces pictured here, but we do manufacture completely to order, and would make a fireplace for you at any reasonable size requested. Price will vary with size.

The above price is inclusive of a standard sized hearth.
The hearth can be made to any size or shape, depending on the installation requirements.

A standard N fret is available for this fireplace in matt black or majolica brown

Other frets are available - see

A 16 inch fire-back for solid fuel is available, made from fired clay.


Solid Fuel Kit - grate and ashpan for solid fuel use


A 16 inch fire-back for gas use is available for this fireplace. It is made from ceramic fibre and will increase the efficiency of our decorative gas fires.
It is NOT suitable for use with solid fuel.


A "living flame" gas fire is a decorative fuel effect gas fire, designed to be used with a 16 inch ceramic fibre gas fireback.
They are low efficiency, with a heat output of about 2 kW, but they have real flames.


Vertical Tabs


39.00 inches

Body Width

59.00 inches

Opening Height

22.00 inches

Opening Width

16.00 inches

Overall Depth

4.00 inches

Hearth Width

54.00 inches

Hearth Depth

16.00 inches