Firewarm traditional insert

We make Fireplaces from 1920s Art Deco fireplaces and classic Edwardian fireplace and mantel designs.

This very economical and efficient inset stove is of cast iron construction throughout and should last a lifetime.

It has all the benefits and efficiency of a stove but is much more subtle, taking up little of the room space. It can be set into many decorative fire surrounds and is DEFRA approved to burn wood in a smoke control area.

When the fire is unlit, the Firewarm inset stove will prevent any room heat escaping up the chimney. This will improve the energy rating for your home.

Regulations for new fireplace installations demands high ventilation requirements for open flued fires. The Firewarm inset fireplace is a stove rated below 5kW requiring no extra ventilation in a room.

Two large front vents control the primary combustion air and a secondary air vent at the top right increases the efficiency of the burn. The secondary vent use will also tend to keep the large glass screen clear through the "airwash" system.

Convected air to heat the room is channelled up through a series of vents, and out from the top of the stove.

The stove is ideal for new installations, and can be fitted with almost all our tile fireplace designs but can also be retro-fitted into many fireplaces that have an existing Milner fireback

Fitting these stoves is a relatively simple procedure. One large bolt fastens the stove down to the hearth and an ingenious levered arm, fastened with a butterfly nut, holds the fire in against the fireplace or lintel at the top.

The stove must be taken out to clean the chimney

The stoves include an ashpan, tool, and fixing kit.

The stove fits with a 16 inch wide fireback as standard but a spacer kit allows for it's use with an 18 inch wide one.

£ 95.00 Spacer kit for 18 inch firebacks



24.00 inches


21.00 inches


11.50 inches


Width at base:
21 inches (530 mm)

Width at top:
19.5 inches (490 mm)

Overall depth:
11.5 inches (290 mm)

Depth of recess:
7.5 inches (190 mm)

Distance in front of fireplace:
4 inches (100 mm)

Fireplace opening size required:
22.5 inches (570mm) x 16 (405mm) (or 18 (455mm)) inches

Firewarm traditional insert stove
Firewarm traditional insert stove