Easy Fix Kit 1

We make Fireplaces from 1920s Art Deco fireplaces and classic Edwardian fireplace and mantel designs.

Easy Fix Kit 1 is suitable for all fascia beams - Mini, Standard and Large versions.

The Easy Fix system is a heavy duty bracket designed to simplify the mounting of beams and shelves. It comes with a set of mounting screws and rawl plugs to attach it to the wall. The beam is then secured onto the prongs of the bracket by means of Allen screws through the underside of the beam.

Should you wish to redecorate then simply loosen the Allen screws to dismount the beam and remount once the decoration is complete.

If you dont want the Easy Fix kit the beams come with 2 metal plates in the back with keyhole shaped slots, screws and rawl plugs. Drill and plug the wall and leave enough of the screw heads sticking out that the beam can slot down over them to fit snugly against the wall.

Easy Fix Kit 1