Buying a fireplace without seeing it first

We make Fireplaces from 1920s Art Deco fireplaces and classic Edwardian fireplace and mantel designs.

We happily ship fireplaces abroad as well as selling all over the British Isles. Most of our customers will visit us and see the fireplaces before purchasing but some cannot make the journey and have to buy them unseen.

It is rare that we encounter problems with this and we like to think that the fireplaces and mantels that we make always look better in the flesh than on screen.

So that you know what you are buying, we offer to post out free small samples of the tiles and wood types that we are making fireplaces from.

This is to enable you to check the colours/shades in your own home, as colours on a computer screen can and do vary.

If you wish, we will take good quality photographs of the fireplace that we have made for you, for you to view before we dispatch it.

In a typical tiled fireplace, some of the tiles will have been glazed by hand in our own factory, and a small degree of shading difference between these tiles and the more mass-produced field tiles will be normal.

The sizes of the tiles that we use in our fireplaces can vary slightly. On a typical 40 inch wide fireplace say, the width may vary by +/- 0.75 inch

All our tiled fireplaces are made to order, and it is very rare that we make two the same, so we ask for a bit of leeway to enable the slabber (for tiled fireplaces) or joiner (for wooden mantels) to decide on small details themselves.

We have a broad depth of experience in fireplace making and do genuinely strive to produce every fireplace to look as good as possible.

If you have any required details or sizes that must be exactly adhered to, we ask that you let us know these.

We use a professional delivery service and in the unlikely event of a fireplace arriving damaged, we would bring it directly back to the factory and repair or replace the fireplace / hearth / mantel at our own expense. We do ask that you carefully check the fireplace on its arrival and that you will be asked to sign that you have done this.

The drivers will bring the fireplace / hearth into your home for you and expect to help you unwrap and check the items.

We are not a huge company and we like to think that any issues arising from our delivery of products and services can be resolved in a friendly and cooperative manner on a personal level.