Kerbed Glazed Tiled Fireplace Hearths

We make Fireplaces from 1920s Art Deco fireplaces and classic Edwardian fireplace and mantel designs.

A kerb is a vertical raised edge around the perimeter of a hearth to keep the ash, dust and embers contained.

Kerbed hearths developed from the earlier concept of a flush hearth with a separate fender. The kerbed hearth became a common feature in fireplaces from the 1920s onwards.

We produce several different types of tiles suitable to make a kerbed edge for your hearth. They are styled as the Victorian, the Edwardian, the c20 and the chamfered corner c20 kerb tiles.

Victorian kerbed hearths - Not available now

Our Victorian kerb tiles were actually designed in the 1960s based on an original Victorian stand alone fender.

The current design means that they must be used as a kerb on a hearth where the main portion is raised 2 inches from floor level. The tile is just over 6 inches long so the infill tiles for the flat section of the hearth are always cross bonded with the kerbs.

As the central section of the hearth is raised by 50mm (2 inches) above floor level our Victorian kerbed hearths meet all current building regulations for decorative hearths. They are very popular as a hearth with both reproduction and original victorian cast iron fireplaces. The most popular colour is Basalt Black but they are available in most of our standard glaze colours except for the mottled glazes.

Edwardian kerbed hearths

In late Victorian and Edwardian times it was still more common to have a flush hearth with a separate fender. As tiles became more popular for the fireplace construction so did matching tiled fenders

With the changes in building regulations that insist on a raised hearth for a gas fire, it is now more common to find a 2 inch raised infill section of a hearth with an integral raised edge in the style of an Edwardian fender. The infill can be in any size of tiles.

Our Edwardian kerb tiles are 6 inches long by 3 inches wide with round edges on both the long sides. Where these tiles meet at the corners there is a special 3 inch square REX tile with a reveal on the internal corner.

We can glaze the kerb tiles in any of our standard colours (except mottled 942 and 500). Because of hand processing a degree of variation in shade is inherent for the kerbs and when combined with hand dipped 6 inch x 2 inch or 6 inch x 3 inch tiles for the infill a very realistic turn of the 20th Century look is achieved.

c20 chamfered corner kerbs

A rarer variant of the 4 inch kerbed hearth was one that had chamfered corners. The individual tiles form a 135 degree corner so two pairs are needed for the corners of a hearth.

We also make the tiles for this style of hearth. They are standard on our Handley all tiled fireplace which is a faithful copy from a fireplace found in a 1935 house.

As these tiles are our own products they are available in all the standard colours except for the mottled glazes.

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A kerb on a hearth
Basalt Black Victorian Kerbed Hearth
Edwardian Kerbed Hearth
Edwardian Stand-alone Fender
C20 kerbed hearth
c20 chamfered kerbed hearth